Monica Jeffries & A Divine Conspiracy
Beginn of pre sale 17.10.2017 15:28
End of pre sale 04.12.2017 20:00
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Mit großer Vorfreude präsentiert an diesem Abend 2 weitere Konzerte + Aftershow Party aus der dunkel-alternativen Musik-Szene!


Solo project by the vocalist, composer, producer Monica Jeffries.

It did not take very long for Monica Jeffries to build up a growing fan base and her music has been positively acclaimed by the critics and celebrated musicians from the underground electronic scene. Her self composed & produced Dark Synth Pop / Synth Rock songs have the power to both hypnotize & captivate the audience.


A Gothic-Rock/Synthrock band from Vienna, Austria formed in 2014 by Hel Prixs (Sharon Next) and Alexandra Violet. Even though their formation was just some years ago, the band members can look back on a long music tradition and lots of live performances. In the viennese underground scene ADC has already a name and trustful fans.

"NACHT#FRONT" Aftershow-Party with DJ Duo Noire (System 84) & Mijk de.Stino (Schattenwelt Resident)

The EBM/Industrial/Synthpop clubbing project from Mijk de.Stino is to emerge again at several venues in Central Europe. Driving rhythms, pregnant bass and remarkable vocals are the main influences for this kind of music and assure a crowded dancefloor!
1190 Wien, Heiligenstädter Str. 31 - Austria

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