VELVET ACID CHRIST live in Budapest!
Beginn of pre sale 18.06.2017 20:46
End of pre sale 04.09.2017 20:00
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Noisy Deafness (HU)
4:25twins (AT)

--> VELVET ACID CHRIST started in the early 90s and is a mixture of many music styles. Due to their various releases VAC can't be discribed with one word. It sounds like Industrial Trip-hop Trance, like EBM, Techno and sometimes like Goth or Darkwave.

And that's what fans love on VAC! Every live show is uniqe due to the vast selection of tracks. More than 20 albums, singles, compilations and dozens of remixes have so far been released on multiple formats and plattforms. Concerts in more than 30 states, with many famous bands accross the gothic, industrial and dark electro scene, as well as gigs on the biggest festivals are bookmarks of VAC and attracting fans all over the globe!

--> Noisy Deafness, the Hungarian electronic solo formation, was formed in 2013 by István Lászlók.
The debut album „Silent Remembrance” was released in October 2015 by Electro Arc in digital
form, and in February 2016 on CD.
As for the music style it is a unique mixture of underground dance electronics, EBM and dark
electro-pop sounds savoured with some industrial sounds.
The material of the album was presented on live gigs in several cities in Hungary. Noisy Deafness
was the opening band before Leaether Strip in 2015, and Front Line Assembly in 2016 in

--> “4:25twins” are the Viennese musicians and producers Wolfgang Watzke (vocals), Markus Koss (guitar) and Paul Müller (guitar). What was originally planned to be a pure electronic venture, grew to more complex sound advanced with real guitar sounds.

Charismatic vocals with enigmatically sombre lyrics, Gothic, Electro and New Wave elements brought together to form the pillar of a synthetic combination of powerful drums and heavy bass, accompanied by the real sound of the guitars. “4:25twins” breaks new ground off the beaten track of the familiar alternative music scene. It’s an uncompromising formation that attracts attention both with its music and its performance, compelling you to listen and submerge into the world of the “4:25twins”.
Dürer Kert / Room 041
1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21 - Hungary

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