Ralf Gustke - Drum Masterclass
Beginn of pre sale 30.03.2018 18:15
End of pre sale 01.05.2018 13:00
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Ralf Gustke will be in our Studio for 2 special days. On the first day you will have the chance to deeply go into his art of playing and have a full day of conversation.

Ralf Gustke - Drum Masterclass
1 May 2018

1. Warmups, rudiments & timing exercises with the pad and orchestration at the drumset
2. Rhythm, grooves and beats (drum design / issues of style & playing with loops)
3. Linear time playing, independence at the set
4. Phrasing, creativity with the drumset / groove - Soloplay


Ralf Gustke is one of the style-defining and most stylistically flexible drummers in Germany. As hardly any other percussionist he is able to interpret manyfold grooves in a complex and virtuoso way and let them still sound subtle and tasteful at the same time.

Technical mastery for Gustke is only a means to an end. Beneath his delicate work on thedrums you will discover another quality of Gustke, impressively proving the low pun „Entry for musicians and drummers only!“ wrong: a passionate intuition for the music as a whole and the ability to listen to what‘s going on and to really make music with the drums.
The enumeration of acts Gustke has played live and in the studio reads like a wishlist for Pop-, R ́n ́B - and Soul drummers: among many others he has worked with Chaka Khan, Wolf Maahn, Edo Zanki, Gianna Nannini, Georg Danzer, Nena, Schiller, Daniel Wirtz, Söhne Mannheims and Xavier Naidoo, for many of them also as musical director.

Over the years Gustke, native of Heidelberg/Germany, has taken some side trips to other styles every once in a while. By working with Electric Outlet, De Phazz, Max Mutzke, Michael Schlierf, Kosho or Adam Holzman he has shown that he is also an exceptional Jazz and Fusion drummer.
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