Just free is low-priced
We offer the lowest prices - for every event
Events up to
1.000 visitors
For promoters
eventjet is free

For events up to 1.000 visitors, we will charge a small service fee of only 0,90€ + 3,3% (incl. payment processing). This fee will be charged to the ticket buyer on top of the ticket price.
0,90 € + 3,3%
Events over
1.000 visitors
Eventjet is free for promoters !

For events over 1.000 visitors, we will be happy to send you a personal offer.
100% free
Set up
in 5 minutes

Open your personal ticket shop within 5 minutes. Even without computer know how.
For every
size of event

Sensible use from 50 to 50.000 visitors, or more.
For every
kind of event

Concerts, seminars, festivals, party or sport events, Eventjet is allways the perfect choice!
new features

We develop new features every day.
new customer data

By using Eventjet you will collect customer data constantly for future marketing!
ticket revenues

Your revenues will increase significantly - within no time!

Including all technical features
Event page, guestlist system, scan software (iPhone, Android, computer), reports, etc.

Including full service package
Technical support, adaption of the ticketshop to your website, rental of scanners, etc.

100% free
ticket buyers
minimal charges

We will replace lost tickets fast and easely.

Keep in controll of your business with our free reporting tools.

By using Eventjet you will collect customer data constantly for future marketing!

digital tickets included
by e-mail or for smart phones

Passbook included
for iOS (iPhone)

minimum charges
Open ticket shop - free of charge
Become presale outlet - free of charge